How Chinese Herbal Supplements Help You Truly Heal


For thousands of years, pure acupuncturists have normally coupled their acupuncture technique with Chinese herbal supplements. These supplements provide added healing that actually heal. Depending on your issue, Grant Collins might recommend certain supplements that are proven and safe to use.

Chinese Medicine is always about treating the actual cause rather than suppressing the symptoms.

The herbal supplements first developed by the Chinese (and now in careful distribution) follow the very same premise – herbal supplements tackle the “root” cause rather than suppressing your symptoms.

Initially, Grant Collins is concerned with alleviating the symptoms you’re feeling. But, to properly restore complete health, Grant must also determine the underlying cause of your symptoms, pain or illness. Sometimes this can be simply addressed in the acupuncture sessions, and at other times, he will recommend a specific supplement that you might take for 2 to 6 months. (Yes. Unlike prescriptive medicines in the Western world, these supplements are gently and safely addressing the cause, which is not an overnight procedure. Remember, whatever it is that is energetically wrong in your system is not something that showed up suddenly – it grew into being over a certain amount of time.)Orange County Acupuncture herbal supplements

Chinese herbal supplements are inexpensive in comparison to prescription medications. The supplements that Grant Collins has researched and provides to his clients always follow Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Additionally, Grant Collins has been thoroughly trained in the unique combinations and dosages specific to your needs and current prescription list. He understands the contrindications, interaction and duration of use for each of the products, whether he recommends one supplement or a combination of supplements.

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