About two months ago, I was diagnosed with severe and progressive arthritis in my right knee. My knee became so painful that I had to go to the emergency room of the hospital. The doctors there as well as my own doctor told me to take pain killers and Aleve and don’t bother to call them in the morning.

I was devastated and trying not to let this condition overwhelm my life. I did not know where to turn. When I asked my family doctor about being referred to an acupuncturist, his comment was “oh that won’t work”. I decided to prove him wrong. I had known Grant for a little over a year because of his membership in Mission Possible. I decided to call and make an appointment. This was one of the best moves I ever made.

After two months, I have become once again a functioning human being without drugs or several medical procedures. Grant is kind, caring and very knowledgeable and capable. He has given me hope that I will once again lead a normal life. He tells me I will be able to do back flips once my treatment is complete.

Since I couldn’t do back flips before I got arthritis, I am really looking forward to my first back flip. So for those of you who have pain and afflictions or know of someone who does, I can wholeheartedly recommend that you refer to Grant W. Collins.

Lyn Garner