Build Immunity During Seasonal Change

Today I want to share some secrets to help you build immunity to illness during the change of the seasons.

According to Chinese Medicine, the change of the seasons is an important time to keep your immune system strong. The weather can be erratic with the temperature going from hot to cold very quickly. Your body has to adjust itself to these changes. Chinese medicine understands that the body is vulnerable at this time, and it’s important to build immunity to stay healthy and strong.

Below are easy ways to build immunity so you can stay healthy all year long!


It is essential that you get enough sleep. You heal while you sleep; your immune system will immediately improve after a good night’s sleep.Your bedroom should be dark and quiet. If you’re having a hard time sleeping, get an acupuncture treatment. We have amazing tools to help you sleep.


Moderate exercise increases your immune system. Don’t overdo it, however. If you’re already sick, get rest and get a treatment.

Think Positive Thoughts:

It’s a fact! Being in a state of depression and anxiety lowers your immune system.  Thoughts lead to feelings. Happy thoughts lead to happy feelings.

Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Chinese herbal formulas have strong effect on the immune system. During the recent SARS epidemic in Hong Kong, 3,160 hospital workers were given a herbal formula to prevent infection. They also had their serum checked to monitor immune function. NONE of the hospital workers got sick, and all their immune markers increased.


Acupuncture has been shown to significantly increase the immune function. The effects of an acupuncture treatment reach their peak 72 hours after treatment and persist one month after just one treatment!!

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